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    Third downs in the 2012 season
    Team1st Dn% # Pass1st% Pass# Run1st% Rush
    New England Patriots48.716644.06061.7
    Denver Broncos45.116147.25238.5
    Atlanta Falcons45.116946.73537.1
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    4th and goal from the 1 yard line
    Play TypeProbability TDStoppedFGFG Miss
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    Easiest schedule, 2012
    TeamRecord Win%Opp Win%
    Atlanta Falcons13 - 30.8130.422
    Cincinnati Bengals10 - 60.6250.438
    Indianapolis Colts11 - 50.6880.441

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2014 Draft: A Look at the Texans and Browns

May 18th, 2014

I’ve always thought that the practice of giving specific draft grades immediately after the fact is somewhat silly.  For example, if Johnny Manziel happens to be a superstar quarterback, then the Browns’ draft will look great.  If he’s a bust, pundits will also likely declare the entire draft a bust.  Based on this type of unpredictability, I have decided to direct this post at the moves (or lack of moves) made by teams in conjunction with their picks.  Below are two of the more interesting drafts and my take on them.

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